Darine Hamze

Darine Hamze, Lebanese actress, movie star, known for controversial movies in the Middle East, France, Iran, Egypt and the Arab world.

Betroit Trailler

March 18, 2013 interviews 0


[framed_video column=”full-width”]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNujAk7qEFU[/framed_video]

[highlight color=”red”]Betroit will be opening in cinemas in Detroit USA in mid of June, 2013. [/highlight]


Darine stars in the Lebanese film BETROIT  this year 2013. The reviews of her performance where all positive as she plays “Layla” a house wife of a violent abusive man ( Hasan Farhat). Her performance was touching, brutal and very authentic and has been praised in many media sights, TV shows, newspapers and cinema magazines.

Darine Hamze in film poster Betroit

Darine Hamze in film poster Betroit

Darine Hamze’s new movie BETROIT
Will be in the USA in July 2013



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