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Darine Hamze, Lebanese actress, movie star, known for controversial movies in the Middle East, France, Iran, Egypt and the Arab world.

”IT IS NOT THE VIOLENCE OF THE FEW THAT SCARES ME. It is the silence of the many.”

Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

Darine Hamze is an active humanitarian supporting many local NGOs raise awareness for women’s rights and empowerment, as well as her own main cause that is to help establish peace and non-violence motivation among youths.

Darine Hamze supported LAHA’s #Hope_campaign for women empowerment at Souks Beirut this week.

She quoted “it’s 2017 and it is just unacceptable that women in the Arab world still don’t have most of their basic human rights, it is time women take their full rights once and for all, here as everywhere else on the globe”, as she signed autographs for her KSA fans on the Laha magazine and her cover story issue of April 2017.

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